Food Cube wicking garden bed

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Food cube is an innovative self-watering wicking garden bed designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia, with a large reservoir that keeps plants alive for long periods without refilling. Food cubes are ideal for urban settings, council shared zones, schools and early learning centers, inner city gardens and commercial businesses looking to create a green zone in their courtyards. Grow your own food easily with less effort and less water.

Food cubes are easy to set up and can be easily clad with timber or other materials. Ample oxygen flow keeps the root zones of your plants healthy. It features edge sockets that allow easy attachment of netting, shading and trellising systems. The clever engineering enables adjustment of how much water is stored in your Food cube to suit growing conditions, season or type of plants.


Delivery is to driveway or front of house.


1150 x 1150 x 500mm

27 kg empty weight. Holds 110L water and 300L soil

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Premium bedding

Without bedding, With 300l premium garden mix